Anti-Eternitism Records.

We are the Black Metal label in Tokyo, Japan.
Following Artists signed to us...the Black Metal Label "Anti-Eternitism Records."

Season 9

[symphonic /industrial black metal]


  • Season 9 (vo, g, programming)

THORNS OF BEAUTY was formed in Tokyo in 2010 by Japanese voice Actor Season 9 as Industrial Black Metal Unit. They made a brilliant debut with the album "The Libra".


[hardcore black metal]


  • Saji (vo, scream)
  • Dark T (g, scream)

Kazuya Saji(HOLY GARBAGE) is one stage actor who especially loves black metal and football. And, he is an artist who sold the satan the soul. His sound is the black metal with a hardcore elements. He made a brilliant debut with the EP "Seal".


ANTI005E [no JAN code] EP Black Metal
[Oct 28]Invincible / Thorns of Beauty
ANTI004E [no JAN code] EP Black Metal
[Oct 28]Marionette / Holy Garbage
ANTI003E [no JAN code] EP Black Metal
50 Years / Thorns of Beauty
ANTI001C JAN 4562337430012 CD Black Metal
The Libra / Thorns of Beauty
ANTI001E [no JAN code] EP Black Metal
Seal / Holy Garbage

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[event] M3 Market 2012 autumn in Tokyo.

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